Gartang Gali trek

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Gartang Gali trek

Gartang Gali trek

If you are planning for an adventurous trek trip then Gartang Gali Trek is a one-stop solution. The Government of Uttarakhand has now opened the Gartang Gali for the tourists almost after 59 years when the needed restoration and repair work got completed.


This trek is a must-see for all adventure lovers. The wooden bridge here is built in the traditional style i.e., cutting through a single rock. The Gartang Gali Bridge offers an appealing sight of Nelong Valley and the flora & fauna that beautifully surrounds the area. Not only this, but the area is also home to animals like blue sheep & snow leopards.

Tourists can now visit this mesmerizing place and have an enjoyable walk over the wooden bridge which is almost 300m and built from Devdaar wood. One of the best things about this bridge is, it is attached to bridge mountains and swinging in the air, enhancing the beauty of the overall bridge.


Keeping in mind the corona guidelines, right now only 10 tourists are allowed to visit the bridge by the district administration.

You need to know that the Gartang Gali Bridge was built almost 150 years ago between China and Barhat market Uttarkashi for trade purposes. There is also a connecting trek route that got closed in the year 1962 after the Indo-China war. But again, on 20th August’21, it was reopened for the trekkers and locals.

It is believed this difficult bridge was built at an altitude of 11,000 feet by Pathans who came from Peshawar to Gartang Gali. In Uttarkashi district, Gartang Gali trek comes.

After spending 64 lakhs on the renovation, this beautiful trek has been opened for tourists. However, the trek is only for 2.5km right now after this it is closed.

The Uttarakhand Tourism Board has opened Gartang Gali with a motive to endorse rural tourism that too with enhanced expedition facilities and create local employment as well as business openings in the linked areas.

What is the best time to visit Gartang Gali trek?

If you wish to experience nature at its best then go for Gartang Gali trek in May, June, July, August, September, and October. This is a perfect summer trek where you will get a perfect combination of both greenery and snow, making the trek remarkable.

Also, the weather in May and June is quite pleasant and trek friendly, making this trek really amazing. In the day,

the temperature at Gartang Gali is between 10-degree to 15-degree while the temperature at night comes down to almost 5 degrees.

In short, it can be said that Gartang Gali visiting time is best between May to October month.

Permit or Permission to visit Gartang Gali

Since the Gartang Gali has opened after 59 years for the tourists, no Permit or Permission to visit Gartang Gali is required. Tourists only need to take the entry ticket.

Entry ticket price for visiting Gartang Gali:

  • Indians: Rs.150 per head
  • Foreigners: Rs. 600 per head

Rules and Instructions for visiting Gartang Gali bridge and trek

In order to visit Gartang Gali bridge and trek, there are a few rules and instructions you need to follow:

  • Following the Covid rules, only 10 tourists can go for the trek and need to maintain at least one-meter distance from each other.
  • During the trek, it is not allowed to trek or sit in a group.
  • Trekkers should not indulge in any kind of dangerous activities.
  • In order to ensure the complete safety of all the trekkers, it is prohibited to see down from the railing during the trek.
  • Trekkers should not smoke or drink alcohol during the trek.
  • It is not allowed to do camping or eat food anywhere in the trekking route.
  • In case, any mishappening takes place while due trekking then the forest department is not responsible for it.

How to reach Gartang Gali?

Located in Uttarkashi district, Gartang Gali is almost 247 kilometers away from Dehradun.

This amazing trek begins from Lanka bridge which is situated at a distance of 12km from Harshil.


The route map of Gartang Gali is:

  • Dehradun to Gartang Gali
  • Dehradun-Mussorie-Suwakholi-Chinyalisour-Dharasu-Uttarkashi-Bhatwari-Gangnani-Harshil-Gartang Gali.
  • Remember that train and flight are always available from your place to reach Dehradun in Uttarakhand.
  • The difficulty level in Gartang Gali trek

If you have never been on this trek then you need to know that Gartang Gali is one of the most attractive summer treks. In the district Uttarkashi Uttarakhand, Gartang Gali is a moderate trek.

This trek is perfect for people who have a desire for visiting the old reek route Nelong valley trek and mountaineering. Also, if you want to experience nature at its best then you should definitely go for this trek at least once in your life.

Although the top of this trek is comparatively low in height, but it is necessary to have good bodily stamina and a strong fitness record as well.

What is Gartang Gali famous for?

Gartang Gali trek is considered as the oldest trade route in the entire world from where mostly wool, spices, and jaggery are sent. Such kind of trade and related activities were also a source of livelihood for the Bhutia community in Uttarkashi district.

You need to know that Gartang street has a risky and narrow road. This street is extremely popular among tourists because of the eye-catchy track. Several tourists from different parts of the world come here to witness the beauty of this trek and have some amazing trekking experiences.

Here are some tops reasons why Gartang Gali is popular for:

  • Historic and ancient skywalk
  • Adventure/nature lovers as well as trekking
  • Off-beat gorgeous destination
  • Ancient tourism

Therefore, if you want to have an outstanding trekking experience and witness some historic skywalks then without having a second thought, you need to plan Gartang Gali trek today. Also, don’t forget to carry your camera to capture some fascinating sights of nature.

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